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Regenerative Farm Consulting

Based on the principles of regenerative agriculture and the science of agroecology, these programs will improve the health of the soil, the quality of the food raised on the land, and the economic viability of the farm operation.


Implementing more of the principles of regenerative agriculture often starts with having your fields sampled and soils analyzed. Our goal is to help you avoid unnecessary purchases and applications of crop inputs that can be expensive and damaging to the health of the land, the farmers handling them, and the surrounding wildlife and ecology.

Joel starts by looking at soil test results that show more than just the macro elements. His initial report will contain an explanation and interpretation of the soil nutritional balances, interactions, antagonisms and synergies. Key deficiencies and excesses will be highlighted.

In a one-on-one consultation to follow, nutritional issues and problem areas will be discussed. The role of plant diversity and soil biology to drive nutrient cycling will be interlinked.


For farms on a regenerative journey, fall is the time to gain a clear understanding of what was implemented and how it worked during the season. Soil analysis, field applications, yield comparisons, revenues and returns all come together to inform the best path forward for minimizing chemical input reliance over the long term. Our strategic plan will include market projections and long-term price analysis for the food production options available to each farm operation.


In season leaf analysis is a powerful tool to monitor and manage crop nutrition. Foliar applied solutes can rapidly address mineral deficiencies, restore nutritional balance between antagonistic minerals and improve overall nutrient use efficiencies.


Sampling a minimum of two leaf tests during the growing season is recommended – at least one each during the vegetative and reproductive stages of plant development. Joel will provide an interpretation and recommendation which will be followed up with a one-to-one consultation to discuss.


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