Stoney Brook Creamery Chocolate Milk


Produced in Steinbach, Stoney Brook Organic Milk is 4.2% milk fat, non-homogenized and utterly delicious. Bottles are 1 quart, glass. 


Clean and save your bottles for return when your receive your next order. A $2.00/bottle refund will be issued upon return. 


To return your Stoney Brook Creamery bottles for refund please do the following:


1. Wash and dry bottles and place them in a box clearly marked with your name and phone number.


2. Indicate number of bottles to be returned in the notes section of your next order (on your checkout page).


3. Leave box on your doorstep for pick up when we deliver your next order.


4. Bottle deposit refund will be issued with in 5-7 business days.

Stoney Brook Creamery Chocolate Milk